What is the difference between the Luke Roberts lamp and smart bulbs?

  • Luke Roberts lamps are full LED fixtures where the light sources are integrated. Smart bulbs are only light sources, that need to be placed into fixtures.
  • The light output from the Luke Roberts lamp is much higher as the output from a smart bulb.
  • Most smart bulbs require either a WIFI connection or a hub that needs to be connected to your internet router. Our lamp works with Bluetooth Low Energy connection and requires no additional setup.
  • Smart bulbs emit light with only one color. You will sit in a green, blue or pink room. You have to use more than one bulb to get different light colors at once. With the Luke Roberts lamp you can use different colors as indirect light and cool or warm light as direct light all at once - with only one lamp.
  • Smart bulbs have no directional lighting. The Luke Roberts is the only lamp that allows you to place the light where you really need it, without physically moving it.
  • Most smart bulbs aren’t actually smart, but allow you to remote control the brightness or color of a bulb using an app. They don’t have an integrated presence detection and they don’t learn from your behaviour. A Luke Roberts lamp can provide the perfect lighting by itself without actually “controlling it”.
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