Discover the Matrix LED lamp.

Customize the shape, direction, and color of the light in your rooms individually – for lighting just the way you want it.

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Luke Roberts Lighting


One lamp, all the freedom

With Luvo, you no longer just turn the light on and off. You decide where exactly it should shine, and how bright, warm, or colorful. This brings ultimate flexibility to your lighting and the right light for every mood.
Because it's your very own.

Luke Roberts Lighting

Brighten your
rooms with
Direct Lighting

Illuminate any room with the
power of 300 LEDs in a range of
warm and cool whites.

Luke Roberts Lighting
Luke Roberts Lighting
Luke Roberts Lighting
Luke Roberts Lighting

Set your
focus with

Move light in any direction with simple touches in our app.

Luke Roberts Lighting

Create perfect
moods with
Indirect Lighting

Turn on the perfect
lighting scene from
16 million colours.

Luvo explained in a minute

See our directional light in action and get a sneak peek at how easy it is to personalise your lighting at home.

Light is a necessity

Good lighting is a feeling

Good lighting does not bother you. It is neither too bright, nor too dark, too colorful, nor too far away. Good lighting always creates the perfect mood for working, eating or reading. It makes you more creative, more focused or more relaxed.

Good lighting is personal & flexible.

Our Luke Roberts App

Experience light that follows your finger

Control your light intuitively & easily with simple painting gestures in our free app.

Your personal lighting catalogue
to create, change and share all your light scenes.

Your control center
to have all light settings like timer, pin or smart home connections at hand.

Your light switch

Switch on smart light only

Luvo makes your light switch intelligent and attentive. With each click you browse through your entire light scenes.

No extra setup required
Your light switch automatically
recognizes your light scene catalog.

Plus artificial intelligence
Luvo learns your routines and chooses the best lighting to match them.

A tap, a click, a phrase.

Operate your lighting as it suits you at the moment.

Luke Roberts Lighting
Luke Roberts Lighting
Luke Roberts Lighting

Example Images

Luke Roberts Lighting
Luke Roberts Lighting
Luke Roberts Lighting
Luke Roberts Lighting
Modest design, great results.


Our smart lamp Luvo is designed with love and brains
to stage every room perfectly.

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Luke Roberts Lighting


Refurb. Reuse. Relight.

Returned lamps are inspected, restored and repackaged and given a new life as refurbished products in our program. We are proud to offer our customers products in mint condition at a reduced price.

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