Pure Elegance Meets Innovative Brilliance

Presenting the Model F

Luke Roberts in a minute

Infinite possibilities

Directional Lighting

The most advanced lighting technology allows you to place light on any spot in your room.

Illuminate, for example, a chair while reading a book, the table during dinner, or your favorite painting on the wall.

App control

Paint Your Light

The Luke Roberts app is based on intuitive touch gestures: Simply pick a color and paint the light in the desired direction.

Available for free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play. You can now also use voice commands with the free Luke Roberts Skill for Alexa.

Spot-on or Glare-free

Direct and Indirect Light

Get direct light when illumination of a specific area is needed.

With our glare-free indirect light, you can have a cozy atmosphere in any room. Project multicolored light to the ceiling to create amazing ambiances.

Voice Assistants

Smart integrations
for a brighter home


Learns Your Light Preferences

Artificial intelligence algorithms built into the lamp learn from your lighting preferences and analyze sensor data.

When the lamp is switched on, it can use the AI technology to predict your preferred light setting - automatically! This has never been done before in a lamp.

Easy control

Make Any Switch Smart

Our lamps make any traditional wall switch smart using click-detection. You can change between light scenes by quickly turning your lamp off and on using your existing switch.

Lamp Clock Wake Up With Light
Light alarms

Wakes You Up

Use your lamp as an alarm and get woken up by light. Select your wake-up time and the desired light scene for a fresh start into your day.

The World's First Smart Design Lamp

Much more than you would ever expect from a lamp!