The Luke Roberts App

Your light, your control.

Use our light-editing suite and customize your lighting with your phone.

Luke Roberts Lighting
Painting with light

A unique experience

Direct all your lighting with only a few touches. Tap for a single spot or draw along the circle to have the light moving with you. For a change of atmosphere, you can add a splash of colour, or adjust the brightness. With the Luke Roberts app, you have all your light preferences at hand.

Luke Roberts Lighting


Refurb. Reuse. Relight.

Returned lamps will be checked, restored, and repacked and will get a new life as refurbished products in our program. We are proud to offer our customers products in mint-condition at a reduced price point.

Your lighting catalogue

Your mood, your Light.

Build up a personal lighting catalogue by adjusting the preset scenes or creating new ones. You can store up to 36 light settings and alter intensity, colour and position at any time. So no matter what you are doing next, you know you have the illumination that fits best.

Your lighting essentials

Designed for usability

  • New light creations

    Customise the presets or design your own lighting atmosphere from scratch.

  • Painting Downlight

    Choose the tone of white that comforts your needs and start painting in the lower circle.

  • Painting Uplight

    Pick your favourite colour in the upper circle to create a vibrant mood in your room.

  • The perfect timing

    Schedule your lighting for the day and decide when you want your lamp to switch on or off.

  • Think in the same direction

    Line up your phone and lamp to make sure your light goes where you want it.

Extended control

Add a voice assistant

To manage your lighting at home with even more comfort, add the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Once connected, you can use voice commands to switch your lamp on and off, and to change scenes and brightness.

Try our demo version

Not convinced yet?

Download our app for free and get familiar with our light painting board.

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