How do I use Siri Shortcuts?

With the updated Siri Shortcuts Version, any device running on iOS 12 is now able to use the voice assistant Siri in order to control different smart devices. For you this means that your smart lamp can also be controlled through voice commands via Siri Shortcuts on iPhone or iPad. In order to take advantage of the newest release you need an activated Luke Roberts lamp as well as an iPhone or iPad running on iOS 12 and the latest Luke Roberts App.

The following steps will show you how to set up a Siri Shortcut for your Luke Roberts lamp:

  1. Activate Siri Shortcuts by tapping on “Siri & Search” in your device settings. If you are using Siri for the first time, please follow the steps for voice recognition which show up in the Apple dialog boxes.

    How do I use Siri Shortcuts with my smart lamp - Step 1

  2. Now go to the Luke Roberts App and approve the connection between the App and Siri. Afterwards just use the lamp in the common manner and set a few actions like for example turning the lamp on, or changing a light scene. This activities will then be recorded by Siri and show up as suggested Shortcuts later on.

    How do I use Siri Shortcuts with my smart lamp - Step 2
  3. Once again go to device settings and tap on “Siri & Search”. In the meantime all the previously recorded actions should now show up as suggested Siri Shortcuts for your Luke Roberts App.

    How do I use Siri Shortcuts with my smart lamp - Step 3

  4. Choose one of the suggested Shortcuts, or tap on “all shortcuts” in order to see further shortcut possibilities. As soon as you tap on the “+” symbol, the shortcut is chosen.

  5. When tapping on the “+” symbol you will receive a request to record a voice command. In order to do so just press the red circle (record) and hold the button while saying your personal command. A possible voice command for turning off the lamp could be for example “turn kitchen light off”. If necessary the recorded voice command can be edited afterwards.

     How do I use Siri Shortcuts with my smart lamp - Step 5.1 How do I use Siri Shortcuts with my smart lamp - Step 5.2

    Following the voice recording, the Shortcut will show up in the menu section “my shortcuts”.

  6. From now on you can use Siri Shortcuts by activating Siri with the key phrase “Hey Siri” and adding the previously recorded voice command. So in our case that would be “Hey Siri, turn kitchen light off”.
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