Luke Roberts - The Year In a Review

Luke Roberts - The Year In a Review

As 2018 is slowly coming to an end, we would like to look back on all the amazing experiences we have made. It has been a year full of milestones, successes and important lessons, which we have shared with our team, our supporters and our customers. This is why we are already looking forward to a new exciting 2019!

From prototyping to series production


Final design of the lamp 

Beginning of this year our main focus was to finish the last tasks in order to complete the certifications for Europe and North America. At the same time we coordinated the series production of the lamps with 15 different suppliers.

In order to deal with the challenges concerning the heatsink, we adapted the design of the lamp. After changing the cooler, our Model F bloomed in an even more elegant design. With the, in the meantime characteristic rills, which not only enhance the cooling function, but make the production a lot easier. Additionally, we improved the design of the ceiling mount in order to accelerate the production.


First lamps of series production

Creating the perfect lamp is one part of the story, producing them in the prefered quality and quantity, is another. After finding a production partner who could meet our high expectations, we started the series production of our smart lamp in March.


Shipping the first lamps

At the beginning of June we finally received the CE certificate and were able to deliver the smart lamps to all our supporters in Europe. In July already 90% of the lamps had been shipped to our supporters.  


Pop-up Stores highlight the lamps unique features



Twice this year anyone who was interested in smart home had the chance to try and test our smart lamp in one of our pop-up stores and meet the team of Luke Roberts. First, we opened our Berlin Pop-up Store in September and afterwards our second one in Vienna.


Setting up our own production line

In order to make the production even more flexible and to create more space for the prototyping we decided to take over the assembly in our own production area. In September this part of the production process was moved to our new production location in the north of Vienna and the production itself was enhanced continuously.


Successful Limited Color Edition

Our Model F not only brings a lot of different colors into your room, by the end of this year our lamp got a little colorful as well. For us, the Limited Color Edition was another very nice highlight this year - not only because the colored versions were sold out within a few days, but also because of the positive feedback we received. Due to the high demand, some of the colored models will definitely become a part of our product range next year.  


First lamps flying over the Atlantic

Already by the beginning of November the production of the first lamps for the USA and Canada have started. Meanwhile the first lamps are shipped and the next batch already waits in the wings.


“Alexa, dim living room to 50%”

Since mid December you have a new possibility of controlling the smart lamp. Through the implementation of the Luke Roberts Amazon Alexa Skill, the lamp can now be easily controlled by using voice commands. Whether you would like to turn the light on or off or just want to change the color of light - all you need to do is ask Alexa. Alternatively you can also create a Siri Shortcut and use it for voice control.

There is a lot more to come!

After we have mastered many sometimes challenging tasks in terms of development, certification and production, we are already excited about the new year. We have planned many things and will surprise everyone with new enhancements and additional features. Thank you for your support!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Luke Roberts Team

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