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Luvo explained in a minute

See our directional light in action and get a sneak peek at how easy it is to personalise your lighting at home.

The Luke Roberts App

Your easiest light setup

Manage lighting scenes effortlessly in your own scene catalog and never lose track of all your lighting settings.

Intuitive painting gestures
Set the direction of your lighting with simple touches on your display.

Additional control
Organize all additional light settings like timer, pin, or your smart home connections.

Light switch with AI

Your fastest smart home upgrade

As soon as Luvo hangs from your ceiling, your light switch becomes intelligent and changes the light scenes with every click.

Without extra effort
Switch through your lighting catalog instantly without an extra hub, switch, or wifi setup.

With Artificial Intelligence
Sensors learn with each click. So your preferred lighting shines at any time of day or night.

Best lighting

for every mood

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Enjoy 35% off on our smart lamp luvo.

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