Model L

After the success of the smart lamp Model F we are pleased to introduce our next model! The Floor Lamp Model L combines unique lighting technology with a sleek design. We have succeeded in bringing our proven Paint-Your-Light technology into a completely new application and creating a floor lamp that cannot be surpassed in flexibility.

No ladders.
No drilling.
No compromises.

Floor lamps are perfect for those areas where you want that little extra light, whether you are after a cozy reading corner, comfortable couch area or functional work space. It’s also great for where you have no ceiling connections or want the option of moving the lamp at a later date. This is exactly what we optimized our lamp for!
The Model L is quick and simple to set up and ready for use in just a few minutes.

Flexible use in your home, whether living room, sleep or dining room. The Model L combines all the advantages of high-quality light with the versatility of a floor lamp and fits easily into your home.

The most flexible
floor lamp

We left nothing to chance and put a lot of love into the details. By combining directional lighting with the adjustable cable length, the perfect light can be created for every application. Whether it's a cozy corner or an office, the Model L creates the perfect ambience.

Fit for Bloom

and every shade that follows!

The prototype of our floor lamp Model L is in its final stage and we are finalizing the last details.

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Smart functions
at a glance

Paint Your Light
Move the light to the area of your room that needs to be illuminated.

Integrated sensors and Artificial Intelligence
Learns from your preferences and selects the best light scene when switched on.

Control multiple lamps at once
All your Luke Roberts lamps can be linked. So you can control them equally with one interaction.

Your smart home assistants like Alexa, Siri Shortcuts and Google Home can be easily paired and controlled with the floor lamp.

to your office

The Luke Roberts Model L is the perfect light for any office. Due to its reduced shape, it fits to any table, regardless of whether the table is long or short, round or angular. The Model L and the innovative directional light technology always ensure ideal lighting in the workplace.



  • Up to 4000 Lumen downlight
  • Up to 1400 Lumen uplight
  • Color temperature 2.700 - 4.000 Kelvin
  • High quality white light CRI>95


  • Smart lamp size ∅30 x 8 cm
  • Stem height 200 cm
  • Base size ∅35 cm
  • Variable Cable length


  • Bluetooth® 4.2 LE wireless connection
  • Power supply 230VAC / 50Hz
  • Power max. 75W (when using color light and max. brightness)


Which colors or color combinations will be available?
Currently the Model L is available only in our statement colour combination of black stem, black lamp and red cable.

When will the lamp be released/shipped?
The release of the Model L will be 2021

Can I make a Model L out of my Model F?
No, the lamps may look similar but have some key differences. The cable of the Model L has been specifically designed to withstand the bending angles and stress that it will be subjected to. Whereas the cable of the Model F cannot support this.